Boudoir sessions are my favorite type of session to shoot, outside of working with couples,; it makes me so happy to see my clients find their confidence and feel... like really, truly feel beautiful, elegant, and sexy!

As a photographer, I can see the moment when that happens and that's the secret behind great boudoir photos... that's what I'm here to capture.

Boudoir is for every woman - tall, short, curvy, dark, fair - everyone I've ever worked with has walked out of our studio feeling like a model. Additionally, boudoirs are a great way to surprise your partner before or on your wedding day (I love capturing that reaction on your big day!)

Boudoir is one of my favorite sessions to shoot! Boudoir photography is included in several of our wedding collections, but unlike our other portrait sessions these are 100% private.  To see complete boudoir galleries or schedule your session,  contact us today.

Every woman is beautiful


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