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Meet stephanie & Charles

We're badass partners in crime, and we dream big.

Exciting, captivating, emotional, thrilling - sounds like a regular Saturday night for us! Your wedding day is all of this - and so much more. We believe photos and videos are the greatest investment you can make for your wedding day. Afterall - when the bar closes and you're walking through those sparklers on your way to start your new life together, it's the photos and videos you'll have to hold on to for the rest of your life to remind you of how amazing your wedding day was. To show how beautiful you looked in your dress, how excited your groom was to see you, how happy mom and dad are watching their little one's get married, and of course, how epic your friends are at dancing. I was a bride before I was a photographer, so I value & encourage choosing a photographer who will not only create beautiful images for you and of your love, but could also be your friend. Every wedding we've covered over the past 6 years has a forever home in our memories. We could not be more thankful that we're able to call this our career.

Our collections are story-driven and centered on all things relationships. We are passionate about capturing love and getting to know our couples our stories' so we can showcase their story through beautiful, timeless imagery.   

what steph loves about charles

what charles loves about steph

I've always loved how much he makes me laugh,  dozens of times daily. I love how much he adores the pups, and how he always puts us first (even when he shouldn't!) He's a loyal friend, and a heck of a shoulder to cry on. But I think most of all, I can talk to him about anything - we're so much alike that often times we have the same thoughts just as I was about to bring it up.  We both love video games, we both love great food, great cocktails, a good hockey game or an escape in the mountains. For business and in life, I couldn't ask for a better partner. 

She cares about everything she puts effort into, and also cares for the things that aren't hers to care for. She has so much empathy for everyone around her and she celebrates every emotion with them. People who meet Stephanie fall in love with her within 5 minutes of being around her. But what I love most is that she is unafraid to be 100% authentically herself. She's beautiful, driven, ambitious, resilient, and one hell of a puppy mom. She's the only half to my whole, and I love everything in our lives together.  

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I've always believed in getting to know each and every client - how I work with you will bring out your most authentic self in the photos. They aren't just photos afterall - they are moments in time, moments of your life, that you should be able to look back at and love just as much as the day they were taken. 

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wilmington, North carolina
raleigh, north carolina
asheville, north carolina
charlotte, north carolina
bowling green, kentucky
richmond, virginia
alexandria, virginia
Bluemont, Virginia
washington, d.c.
Baltimore, maryland
manchester, new HAMPSHIRE
new york, new york
atlanta, georgia
bloomington, indiana
indianapolis, INDIANA
dover, ohio
Charleston, South Carolina
key west, Florida


our three pups: rauz, Pluto, and Skadi

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I'm Stephanie, the brazen-blonde & creative behind SAPV. I'm also a starbucks oficiando, dog-whisperer, wedding day guru, and at-home bartender. I'm so thrilled your here and cannot wait to hear all about your story.