legacy sessions

there are so many stages of your life that are worthy of being beautiful photos, and we want to capture them for you.

We are SO excited to launch our legacy sessions starting in 2020 with you! The idea is very simple:

Over the last five years, we've worked with the most amazing people during some of the most exciting times of their lives. People getting married, starting a family, making a big move, hosting birthdays, parties, events, you name it! But this got us thinking - life is full of events and new, exciting moments. Why not have them all captured in beautiful photos to remember for the lifetime ahead of you! 

Legacy sessions are sessions exclusively available to past or present SAPV clients,  built to capture the most important moments throughout your life! 

What is a
legacy session?

Legacy maternity session

Do I qualify for a legacy session?

Well, have you ever stepped in front of our cameras? If the answer is "Yes" then our answer is "Yes!" Like I said, this is availble to all past and present SAPV couples and clients who have ever had us capture some of the most important moments of their lives. This also includes businesses we've worked with who are also looking to capture that extra special moment or event they have coming up. Still not sure? Don't hesitate to contact us! 

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Legacy family sessions

Baby Announcements
Anniversary Sessions
Family Sessions
Senior or Graduation Sessions
Birthday Portraits
Pet Portraits
Events / Parties / Showers
Professional / Business Portraits
"Just because we need new photos" Sessions

IT'S your legacy.

types of legacy sessions AVAILABLE 

legacy sessions start at $250.00

what's included?

1 hour session, 60+ images

(No joking here! Anything important to you is important to us!)

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